Maybe the title of this should be boring people, as Ms Scott, an English teacher, has been struck off the teaching register in Scotland for two years after pupils and parents complained about her “boring” lessons.

(She has been removed following a seven-day hearing in Edinburgh where it was reported that she had spent three lessons reading a novel to one class without allowing them to ask questions, set the same essay task – titled “what I did in activities week” – for several different year groups, and shown one class a clip of Jurassic Park before making them copy what she said about characterisation in relation to the film.

Pupils at the school dubbed the lessons the “puni class” due to the disproportionate number of punishment exercises handed out.

To be fair, her lesson plans sound very similar to the ones I had to sit through in English literature.)

!Note – if you are struck off you are removed, from a position of power or responsibility after having done something wrong.