Brits are spending more more than £900 million a year simply keeping our smartphones and tablets charged.

(If that’s not bad enough, we waste £134 million a year by overcharging them: According to research commissioned by insurance provider, part of the problem is overcharging which happens when users plug in their devices overnight.

A massive nine in ten owners keep gadgets on permanent charge, often unaware that overcharging batteries can reduce their lifespan, and under certain conditions lithium-ion batteries can pose a safety hazard. The figures suggest that around 85,000 tonnes of CO2 could be saved if people disconnected as soon as charging was complete.)

Average charging times:-

  • Mobile Phone – 2 hours
  • Laptop, with Express Charge – 2 hours
  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner – 3.5 hours
  • Mp3 player – 4 hours
  • Digital Camera – 2 hours