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It’s a gooey, chewy candy bar, known for nougat, peanuts, and caramel, wrapped in chocolate. And, ever since 1930 that Snickers bar has been putting a smile on people’s faces with a name that Mars founder, Frank C Mars, picked as an inside joke of sorts.

Some people think about the name Snickers, they think “Oh, they’re probably talking about giggling or laughing”, but in reality Snickers was named after the family’s favourite horse 

Today, the silly sounding snack is the world ‘s best selling candy bar.

Globally we’ll sell about two billion dollars of Snickers a year.

And at the Master Foods USA plant, a division of Mars in Chicago, Illinois, it all starts with Snickers signature nougat.

To make this chewy taste, a mixture of corn syrup, egg whites, sugar and salt, whips into an airy blend called frappe. Then, fresh ground peanut butter mixes in; flavouring the sticky stuff. The finished mix cooks to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, then drops onto a chilly contraption with giant rolling pins.

The rollers themselves are actually ice cold and the nougat then forms a skin, and is then transferred off of those rollers onto a stainless steel belt.

Meanwhile, in another area, fresh roasted peanuts mix with buttery caramel. In fact in the US 99 tons of whole peanuts go into making Snickers bars every day.

Because, that gives the Snickers bar a variety of texture, and also a stronger peanut impact.

Just like the nougat, this warm and gooey mix chills out by taking a ride through the refrigerated rollers.

At that stage it ‘s very runny, so we want to cool the caramel down so we can begin to form it and lay it right down on top of the nougat slab.

Next, this candy slab cools down to the core, in an enclosed refrigerated tunnel.

We don ‘t want to have it really cold on the surface and warm and runny in the middle.

Once it firms up, blades slit the slab into long strips.

It ‘s like cutting a ribbon. We ‘re making it into thin slices so then we can cut that into the appropriate length.

And today those strips are being cut down to fun sized pieces. Just before diving for a covering of chocolate, feet first.

The reason we’re doing that is so that when we cover the entire bar we ‘ve got the right height profile so we can get a complete coverage; top bottom and sides.

Next, bars ride under a chocolate waterfall, and on the way out get topped off with their distinctive design.

At Mars we put a different decoration or squiggle on the top of every one of our products. Just imagine if you didn ‘t have a squiggle. It wouldn ‘t be a Snicker bar.

Once the chocolate cools, the fun-size Snickers wrap up at a rate of about nine hundred bars per minute, but it’s the regular-size bars that give Snickers its nutty reputation.

About a handful of nuts 20 to 25 peanuts are actually in a Snicker bar.