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Fred: This looks like the place! Come on Wilma! Ouch! What is that?
Wilma: Be careful Fred.
Man: Good morning, can I help you?
Fred: I don’t know, can you fix my nose.
Wilma: Oh Fred, really. We’re here because we want to switch banks.
Man: Great! Well we can definitely help you with that. Shall we take a seat.
Fred: Our old bank in Bedrock is OK but a little backward, if you know what I mean.
Man: I can imagine.
Fred: They’re still living in the stone age and we need a modern bank.
Man: I see, well the good news is when you switch your current account to us we’ll give you a 125 pounds.
Fred: Holy Smoke! Do you hear that, Wilma?
Wilma: Well that sounds great.
Man: Any idea what you’ll spend your 125 pounds on?
Fred: I’ve got it! Something to improve the performance of my car!


That’s better. Yabba Dabba Doo!