Keep it simple

KISS – Keep it Short and Simple

If someone is struggling to understand you, try the tips below:-

  • Speak more slowly (not louder!)
  • Keep it simple. Use words that are most common. For example, if you want to say cat, don’t use the word feline.
  • Keep it short.  Use basic sentence structures (subject/verb/object).
  • Don’t worry about pronouns, instead use the names of the person or thing you are talking about.
  • Use a lot of hand gestures.  “Do you mean up?”  Raise up your hands to help the person understand the word.
  • Use sound effects. You may feel silly, but if you are trying to tell someone that something exploded, using the sound “Ka Boom!” will get your point across!
  • If you have a smartphone, find images to illustrate what you want to say.  If you have pen and paper to hand – draw.  (You can practise your drawing on the drawing app Pinturillo).