Mice can sing.

(Well, the male mouse can, and naturally they do it to impress the women. The results of several experiments on mice were published in the Journal, Plos One, and it seems that mice share some of the brain mechanisms that humans and songbirds use when learning songs. This ability, which is known as local learning, had been limited to humans, sea lions, seals, birds, dolphins, whales, bats and elephants.
This story has caused a great deal of silliness on the Interwebby thingy, with lots of suggestions for songs they might sing, such as, We’re Caught In A Trap.

Here are some of my favourite even sillier suggestions:-

Cheese Release Me
Cat’s Entertainment
Mouse of The Rising Sun
Mouse of Love
8 days a squeak

My own contribution was:-

Our Mouse In The Middle Of Our Squeak

If you want to find more, search for #mousesongs on Twitter.)