The number of Trabants registered in Germany sank from 920,162 in 1993, to 52,432 in 2007 and to just 38,912 in 2008.

(Why? Well it has been driven by new emission regulations (you’re simply not allowed to drive Trabis within most major cities here). So where have they all gone? Well without embarking on a Trabi hunt I can only think that a lot must be just sitting around not rusting away, they may outlast us all, although I have it on good authority that some Trabant bodies were ground up and used instead of sand or salt for traction on winter roads in the 90s. That said, people are strangely nostalgic about the old East Germany. They even have a word for it Ostalgie, (nostalgia for East Germany). Ost means east in German. So, I envisage lots of Trabi rallies in the future.)