The world’s most expensive Christmas dinner will set you back £125,000.

(So what do you get for 1/8 of a million quid?

The meal, which will be prepared by John Salt head chef Ben Spalding at the home of the customer, is for four people has the following:-

Starter – Almas caviar (£5,000)  served with a balsamic vinegar that is 150 years old.

Main course – Wagyu beef fillet and heart (£5,000) sprinkled with Akbari Pistachios (£5,000) and edible 50 carat gold leaf.

Pud – Whipped Kopi Luwak (£3,000) and Densuke watermelon (£2,600).

All washed down with £37,000 pre-World War One champagne, poured into diamond studded champagne flutes.

Luxury website are offering the meal, but the proceeds will go to charity.  Well that’s all right then.  You can stuff your face silly, as long as it’s for a good cause.  Let them eat Wagyu Beef.)

Most Expensive Christmas Dinner (Core ingredients)

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