According to a vicar, Father Phil Ritchie, from All Saints Church in Hove, East Sussex, this Easter we should all “Have a lie-in, have sex, and eat chocolate”.

(Father Ritchie said:  “The problem with the church is that we stay inside our building and occasionally come out and say, ‘Why don’t you come to our church, it’s cool and funky’ – To be honest, it’s not.  I would love more people to come at 10am on Sunday and I would welcome them to All Saints.  For Christians this is the most important day of the year.  All life and all hope flows from it.  But there are plenty of ways to celebrate without coming to a draughty Victorian building.  So why not stay at home, have a lie in, have sex and eat some chocolate.”

His suggestion actually raised his congregation for Easter Sunday to about 300, 100 more than usual, I guess the alternative didn’t appeal to them much.)