Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has just gone on sale in the UK. It’s going to be a huge hit – a trailer, posted on YouTube on 21 October, has already attracted more than four million hits.

(For those of you who are blissfully ignorant of this series of RPG games which can be played against the computer or online against other human players. The series follows American paratroopers, British paratroopers and the Red army, and the player assumes the role of various characters It’s successful, but controversial,

In CoDMW2 the depiction of a massacre carried out in a Russian airport, caused anger in the international community
In CoDMW3 they feature an attack on the London Underground and actually show a family of tourists being blown up, the response to which will create more free publicity for the series (I know – I’m guilty too)

Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin response to the anger was:

“Yeah, we get a lot of that and it’s tough, but for the most part what happens is a lot of media outlets play it up, and it goes on some Friday afternoon, Friday night news thing, and they talk about how horrible it is that they’re killing people in the middle of our subway, but it’s the cricket after that, and no-one cares. The media a lot of times plays on it because they hope to get something out of it, rile somebody up to start a conversation about it, but everybody kind of stares at them just going: ‘Next…oh, that’s an interesting story.’ And they pass right over it.”

I would like the programmers among you to build a CoD MW hague war crimes tribunal. Embed a hack into the game and then anyone caught shooting prisoners, civilians etc, just gets transported to a holding cell.)