According to research commissioned by Santander Insurance, one in four adults has suffered damage to their home over the Halloween period.

(Yes, many people experience being a victim during the period from Halloween to Bonfire Night (we don’t call it “mischief week” for nothing). Most pranks are harmless, but of course some people don’t know when enough is enough, as a result households in the UK face an average of over £232 in repair fees, or a collective £2.65billion.
One in eight adults has suffered damage from eggs being thrown at or in their home and six per cent have had garden plants, ornaments or fences damaged. More than 1.6 million have been victims of theft inside or outside the home during this period, and two per cent have had windows broken. Over 1.4 million have had their property damaged by sparklers or stray fireworks and 1.1 million suffered damage from firecrackers or silly string through the letterbox.)