According to Swedish researchers, Mikael Elinder and Oscar Erixon of Uppsala University, the chivalrous concept of “women and children first” is just a myth.

(The Swedish researchers analyzed 18 of the world’s most famous maritime disasters, ranging from the HMS Birkenhead that grounded in the Indian Ocean in 1852 to the MV Bulgaria tourist ship that sank on Russia’s Volga River last year.

Analyzing passenger lists, logs and registers, they found that men actually have a distinct survival advantage: Of the 15,000 people who died in the 18 accidents, only 17.8 percent of the women survived compared with 34.5 percent of the men, and sadly, in three of the shipwrecks, all the women died.

In fact it gets even worse, the idea of going down with the ship is called into question too, as their studies have shown that captains and their crew are 18.7% more likely to survive a shipwreck than their passengers.

So, it looks as if the expression `every man for himself’ is more appropriate.)