A Freedom of Information request in Merseyside, England has revealed compensation culture is rife in schools in the area.

(One pupil won £6,000 after falling off a chair, another received £6,000 when they were hit in the eye with a pen, £3,000 was paid to a child who was “accidentally kicked in the face” and £350 went to a youngster who tripped over an “unmarked ramp”. Another student was awarded £4,500 after catching their leg on a “protruding screw”, while £4,000 was given to a pupil injured on a fence, and to top it all a pupil at a school in Knowsley was paid £750 after being splashed by custard.

In fact Knowsley Council paid the most in compensation claims – more than £50,000 between 2008 and 2010, including the custard incident, and in the Wirral, more than £21,000 was paid out over the same period, while in Sefton more than £6,000 was paid.

Whatever happened to “don’t cry over spilt milk”?)