The comedy national anthem from Baron Cohen’s film Borat was played at a medal ceremony for Kazakhstan’s shooting team at championships in Kuwait, instead of the real one.

(The Kazakhstan anthem goes:-

Sky of golden sun,
Steppe of golden seed,
Legend of courage –
Take a look at my country!

From antiquity
Our heroic glory emerged,
They did not give up their pride
My Kazakh people are strong!

My country, my country,
As your flower I will be planted,
As your song I will stream, my country!
My native land – My Kazakhstan!

The way was opened to posterity
I have vast land.
Its unity is proper,
I have an independent country.

It welcomed the time
Like an eternal friend,
Our country is happy,
Such is our country.


The lyrics to Borat’s version goes:-

Kazakhstan greatest country in the world all other countrys are run by little girls.
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium!
Other countries have inferior potassium.
Kazakhstan home of the tinshein swimming pool it’s length thirty metre and width six metre.
Filtration system a marvel to behold it removes 80 percent of human solid waste.
Kazakhstan,Kazakhstan, you very nice place, from plains of tarashenk to northern fence of jewtown.
Kazakhstan, friend of all except Uzbekistan, they very nosey people withe bone in theire brain.
Kazakhstan, industry best in the world, we invented toffee and the trouser belt.
Kazakhstan, prostitutes cleanest in the region, except of course for Turkmenistan’s.
Kazakhstan,Kazakhstan, you very nice place, from plains of Tarashenk to northern fence of jewtown.
Come grasp the mighty ***** of our leader, from juction with ****** to tip of its face.

Now before you laugh like a drain, wars have started over less, but if you’re offended I wouldn’t be, I doubt this was done deliberately, there have been other anthem gaffes over the years:-

Instead of singing “we love your mountains” in his attempt on the Croatian anthem, an English opera singer sang “my ***** is a mountain”.
Swiss TV ran obsolete “Deutschland uber alles” subtitles over the German national anthem.
Grenada played Taiwan’s anthem at a ceremony inaugurating a China-funded stadium.
Saudis played the Syrian anthem for the Lebanese football team.
Belgian party leader Yves Leterme sang the French anthem when asked to sing the Belgian one.)

Source – BBC News