If you want to buy a beer at the Olympics it will cost the equivalent of £7.23.

(A 330ml bottle of Heineken lager at the Games will cost £4.20, which is the equivalent of £7.23 for a pint. This is more than double the national average price of £3.17. And it doesn’t stop there;  bars at the official Games venues will also charge £4.80 for a small glass of ‘London 2012’ red wine, £2.30 for a 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola and £2 for a cup of tea! If you’re feeling peckish, you will pay a whacking £2.10 for a toasted teacake, and a portion of cod and chips will set you back at least £8! The good news is you can take your own refreshments (in a soft bag), but you’re not allowed to take your own beer or any other alcohol.  Kerching!

I’m glad I’ll be at home watching it on the tele with a fridge full of beer, a cellar full of wine, and I’m sure I can rustle up a fish finger sandwich.)