According to a poll by Travelodge, over 27% of British adults feel forced to lie when asked about their weekend activities.

(A poll of 5,000 adults found that the pressure to maintain the illusion of an active social life led to more than 27 per cent of adults being “economical with the truth”. They have even coined a word for this, “Weekendvy”.

The top five most popular activities Britons will pretend they did over the weekend, when they didn’t are:-

* Painted the town red on Saturday night with their partner or friend

* Visited friends

* Went to a dinner party

* Went out for a romantic meal

* Took a short break – when really they just described a previous experience where they took a UK short break and made it sound like they went at the weekend.

By the way: I spent the weekend in the garden, planting potatoes. Honest!)