The mother of Mike Nesmith, a member of the rock group The Monkees, invented liquid paper.

(Bette Nesmith Graham was born Bette Claire McMurray in Dallas, Texas. She was a divorcee and to support herself as a single mother, she worked as a secretary at a bank in Texas.

It was very difficult to erase mistakes made by early electric typewriters. But she was a talented painter and she realized that when artists made a mistake, they painted over it, so she decided to do this with typewriter mistakes. She put some tempera water-based paint in a bottle and used that to correct any mistakes.

She secretly used her white correction paint for five years, making some improvements with help from her son’s high school chemistry teacher. Some bosses admonished her against using it, but coworkers frequently sought her “paint out.” She eventually began marketing her typewriter correction fluid as “Mistake Out” in 1956. The name was later changed to Liquid Paper when she began her own company.

In 1979 she sold Liquid Paper to the Gillette Corporation for USD $47.5 million. At the time, her company employed 200 people and made 25 million bottles of Liquid Paper per year.

In the UK Liquid Paper is known as Tipp-Ex correction fluid and other. The name has become so popular that it is now a verb to tippex or tippex out means to erase, either generally or with correction fluid.)