A survey conducted by life insurance provider Beagle Street, revealed that young Brits don’t feel “adult” until they have reached the age of 29.

(Although legally you are regarded as an adult at 18 in the UK, seemingly the average young Brit believes it is another 11 years until they actually reach adulthood. The reasons excuses they give are living at home, playing computer games, watching children’s films and a reluctance to settle for a “real job”.

The top 10 signs of being and adult were considered to be:

  1. Buying your first home (64 per cent) 
  2. Becoming a parent (63 per cent) 
  3. Getting married (52 per cent) 
  4. Paying into a pension (29 per cent) 
  5. Becoming house proud (22 per cent) 
  6. Taking out life insurance (21 per cent) 
  7. Looking forward to a night in (21 per cent) 
  8. Doing DIY (18 per cent) 
  9. Hosting dinner parties (18 per cent) 
  10. Having a joint bank account (17 per cent)

The top 10 reasons excuses for not feeling like an adult were considered to be:

  1. Relying on parents (42 per cent agree)
  2. Living at home longer (36 per cent)
  3. Playing computer games (31 per cent)
  4. Watching children’s movies (30 per cent)
  5. Watching cartoons (29 per cent)
  6. Fear of growing up and taking responsibility (28 per cent)
  7. Not wanting a real or a 9-5 job (22 per cent)
  8. Desire to travel and see the world (20 per cent)
  9. Idolising juvenile role model adults (20 per cent)
  10. A lack of real life education (19 per cent)
Fair enough guys and gals, if you want to be kidults get out of the pub, hand in your drivers licence, and get back to school.)