There are 12 net contributors and 15 net recipients within the EU.

(Net contributors receive less money from EU funds than they pay into the joint coffers. 

Net recipients receive more grants and benefits than they pay. 

The largest net contributors include Germany (at 9 billion euros), France (6.4 billion), Italy (5.9 billion), Great Britain (5.6 billion) and the Netherlands (2.2 billion). 

The leading net recipients are Poland (11 billion), Greece (4.6 billion), Hungary (4.4 billion), Spain (2.9 billion), and Portugal (2.9 billion). 

Calculating that for each individual EU citizen, however, the picture looks different: Danes pay the most into EU coffers at 150 euros each, while Hungary receives the biggest payout – 442 euros per capita in aid money from Brussels.)