If her hubby isn’t with her, Kate Middleton will have to curtsey to the blood princesses, including the cats in the hats, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

(The Queen’s updated protocol — the “Order of Precedence in the Royal Household” — stipulates that if Wills (a.k.a. the Duke of Cambridge) is in the room, Kate need only curtsey to the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and, believe it or not, Charles’s wife, Camilla.

The Daily Mail sets out the palace rankings as follows:

The Queen; Prince Philip; Prince of Wales; Duchess of Cornwall; Prince William; Prince Harry; the Duke of York; the Duchess of Cambridge; the Earl of Wessex; the Countess of Wessex; the Princess Royal; the Duke of Gloucester; the Duchess of Gloucester; the Duke of Kent; the Duchess of Kent; Princess Alexandra.

Further, as commoners (like most of the planet), Kate’s parents have not — by virtue of their daughter’s marrying “up” — become members of the Royal Family, as under a “blood Royal” rule, only the children of male Royals can become royal themselves.

Seemingly these things are really important to the Royals, and it all has to be written down so that there is not doubt about who should grovel to whom. I wonder if she’ll play along. What would happen if she just didn’t? Would heads roll? Would the skies fall? Would the world suddenly come to an end?

Don’t you just wish they would get over themselves?)