According to Billboard magazine, Michael Jackson has earned nearly a billion dollars – £675million – since his death a year ago.

(In the last year, 24 million of his albums have been sold around the world, along with a million more records by the Jackson Five and the Jacksons. 12.9 million track downloads in the U.S over the past year, along with 26.5 million in international downloads. Then the executors raked in a further £1.3 million from digital performance royalties from music subscription services and £3 million from global digital performances. About £3.3million has come in from ringtone sales. His publishing company, Mijac, had an estimated value of £35 million in 2005 – has a current value of around £102 million, generating around £17 million a year in revenue, with that number possibly doubling to £34 million in the past year. All in all the money keeps rolling in.)