Chelmsford in England, Perth in Scotland and St Asaph in Wales are to gain ‘city status’ to mark this year’s Diamond Jubilee (which marks The Queen’s 60 years on the throne).

(City status is rarely granted in the UK and only 14 new cities were created during the 20th century.

In the last contest – held in 2002 for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee – Preston, Newry, Lisburn and Newport were among the winners.

In 2000, Brighton and Hove, Inverness and Wolverhampton were given the status to mark the new millennium.

The unsuccessful towns which entered a contest to “win” city status were: Bolton, Bournemouth, Colchester, Coleraine, Corby, Craigavon, Croydon, Doncaster, Dorchester, Dudley, Dumfries, Gateshead, Goole, Luton, Medway, Middlesbrough, Milton Keynes, Reading, Southend, St Austell, Stockport, Tower Hamlets and Wrexham.  

Never mind guys, you can always try in another 60 years.)