There are over 4,000 interesting facts here.

To improve your reading and comprehension, you can simply use these facts to learn new words.  When you find a word you don’t understand, look it up in a dictionary, or simply double click the word to get the definition online.  If you use Chrome, enable the Chrome dictionary and you won’t even have to double click anything. To test your comprehension try the Question a Day on the English Magazine.

To improve your listening skills, search the podcasts and listen to the recording.

To improve your written English, leave a comment.

To improve your spoken English, record yourself reading the factlet, and then (if you’re brave) share it on the WWW.  You could even make a video to illustrate the fact, or show how you disagree with it.  Feel free to share your creation in the comments.

To connect with other learners and English speakers, use one (or all) of the social networks to share these factlets.   They can be good openers for interesting discussions.