Invalid File Odeo. Seems to be the message. Along with – Application error (Rails)???

I have recorded the sound files and uploaded them to Odeo for podcasting, but I keep getting a raspberry message “Invalid File”. 🙁

I don’t know what’s going on! (Are my files invalids or just invalid?) I’ve given up for now and contacted Odeo to find out what’s going on (if anyone knows please let me know). In the meantime enjoy the previous files (they are still working and there are lots of them).

Sigh. I still haven’t had any reply to my email and their forum isn’t working either. There is a workround, uploading your file to the net and then building a player in Odeo using “Link to Audio”. But it still doesn’t tell me what’s wrong with the Upload feature.

I hope to resume normal services as soon as possible. In the meantime you can listen by clicking the Listen Here link at the bottom of any post marked Podcast – this will open an mp3 file, kindly hosted by OurMedia, it will open in a new browser and use your system’s mp3 player, you can also download the file, so all is not lost.