Watch the video, then watch it again whilst reading the transcript.


Sailor: I’ll come back for you. I promise.

Mother: Bed!
Child: I promise!

Doctor: You won’t feel a thing. I promise.

Passenger: I promise it’s this right. It is!

Canvasser: Hi there! One minute of your time. I promise.

Child: I’ll walk it every day. I promise.

Woman: Oh this is decaf, isn’t it?
Man: Er – promise.

Voiceover: A lot of people talk about promises, but at Dulux our paint gives you the perfect colour, coverage, and uniform finish, or we’ll replace it. Promise.

!Note: Dulux is a global brand of decorator’s paint. The name has been in use since the 1930s: it is a blend of ‘DuPont’ and ‘Luxury’.