BEATLES fans are in for a treat as the BBC reveals that lost footage of the group from the 1960s has been found in a bread bin in Wales.

Valued at £10,000, it was discovered during a house clearance and shows the band being interviewed in Cardiff in 1965.

A spokesman for Omega Auctions said the lost reels were a “great find”.

The fab four are seen joking with a journalist attempting to interview them, with John Lennon saying Paul McCartney has five children in Swansea and Ringo Starr joking their next film would be a Western.

According to The Guardian, a rare letter written by Jane Austen to her sister Cassandra will be auctioned at Bonhams, New York next month.

In the letter, she says that caps with “large full bows of very narrow ribbon … one over the right temple, perhaps, and another at the left ear” were the height of fashion in 1813.

The letter, dated September 16 1813 and written shortly after the publication of Pride and Prejudice, runs to four pages. Bonhams said it is “full of lively detail, wit and charm”, vividly echoing the world [Austen] deftly portrayed in her novels” and “written at the height of [her] literary powers”.

British couple John Wood and Gemma Harris spent thousands of pounds on their Monty Python-themed wedding, reports The Guardian.

The paper says they tied the knot in a “totally bonkers” ceremony in West Sussex on October 5, the 50th anniversary of the first Monty Python broadcast.

During the ceremony, attendees were treated to farting noises as the bride walked down the aisle, a “hand of God” pointing at the couple, and later a sketch featuring the bare bottoms of the groom and three friends.

John said:“There was a 9ft parrot, a handmade albatross, all sorts of things. We commissioned artists to make some of the props, but most things we did ourselves.

“Instead of saying ‘I do’, I said ‘perhaps’, to which Gemma replied: ‘Oh, say you do!’ To which I replied: ‘Oh, all right then.’”, and instead of cutting the cake, the newlyweds squashed it with a foot.

The Daily Express informs us that the UK’s new £20 note will feature the image of 19th painter JMW Turner alongside one of the Queen.

Turner was a painter of the Romanticism movement, famous for his brooding and chromatic style and his portrait is included on the reverse of the note, next to one of his most famous paintings, The Fighting Temeraire.

It will go into circulation from February 20, 2020.

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