According to research the average British family has around 260 ‘proper arguments’ every year. That means there are only 105 days of the year when people do not experience any massive fall-outs at home.

The biggest cause of squabbles is being messy: things like leaving dirty clothes lying around, not cleaning the bath after use, not taking the bins out, and 10 per cent said they even argued about who should load and unload the dishwasher.

The classic leaving the loo seat up was also a bone of contention, but Brits are increasingly rowing over ‘eco’ issues, such as turning lights off when they are not needed and wasting food.

Here are the top 10 causes of arguments in UK households:-

1. Messiness (dishes, clothes, bath) – 42 per cent

2 . Chores/Housework rota – 27 per cent

3. Leaving lights on- 26 per cent  

4. Food waste – 20 per cent

5.  Household budget/overspending – 19 per cent

6. What to have for dinner – 19 per cent

7.  When to put heating on/correct temperature – 17 per cent

8. What to watch on TV – 17 per cent

9. Leaving loo seat up – 14 per cent

10. Taking the bins out – 13 per cent

Do you recognise any of the above as flashpoints at home?