BBC iPlayer

Woman: We feel very let down by the BBC.
Man: It’s alright.
Woman: No, it’s not. We got so excited about that Peaky Blinders programme.
Man: She thought it was going to be about nosey neighbours –
Woman: Curious neighbours.
Man: Curious neighbours who like peeking through their blinds.
Woman: It’s about murderers.
Man: From Birmingham.
Woman: Are they?
Man: Apparently.
Woman: And remember that Fleabag?
Man: Oh yes. Now, it sounds like it’d be about a stray cat.
Woman: But it’s not about a cat.
Man: It’s not.
Woman: No.
Man: No.
Woman: It’s about a sex addict.
Man: Yes. Not our sort of thing at all, is it?
Woman: That Fleabag should be called, ‘Sarcastic woman has it off with a priest’.
Man: Yes, and that Peaky Blinders should be called, ‘How not to cut your hair’. Why can’t be BBC call things what they are? Like…
Woman: The News.
Man: The News. Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinders.