The Guardian reports that a couple of metal detectorists have been jailed for theft in the UK after they failed to report a significant find; a hoard of gold jewellery, silver ingots and coins buried more than 1,000 years ago by a Viking warrior in Herefordshire. By law they should have declared the find, estimated to be worth as much as £12m, but instead they began showing it to dealers to try to sell some of it off.

Only 31 coins have since been recovered, but a couple of those depict two rulers side-by-side, King Alfred the Great of Wessex and the lesser known, Ceolwulf II of Mercia. The “Two Emperors” coins indicates there was an alliance between the two kingdoms, which would rewrite British history.

As discussed in a previous English session, any buried treasure you find in the UK has to be handed in to a coroner, who decides whether it is Treasure Trove. The finder and the landowner may then be rewarded. These guys acted like true Vikings, and looted the lot.

According to the Sun, a study conducted by the WHO has found that children in South Korea, the Philippines and Cambodia are the most inactive children in the world, and children in Bangladesh, Slovakia, Ireland and the US are the most active.

But never fear, British girls are flying the flag, as they are among the most inactive in the world: 85.4 per cent of girls in the UK do not reach the recommended hour of moderate to vigorous activity daily.

Girl Power!

So, what counts as moderate to vigorous activity? An hour of the following every day will count:-

Meanwhile Trip Advisor suspended reviews for the Pizza Express restaurant  in Woking, because people were posting reviews like this:

“Pizza Express Woking is like no other pizza express! It’s a memory which will never disappear once you visit the Woking branch. It’s amazing the lasting effect a pizza can have on you! The pizza is so good from this specific branch it gives you the ability to not only remember what year you visited but the exact day and month! Truly incredible.”

“Love this place. I had a cracking pizza here in 2001. I remember it was 2001 because it was very strange, the guy next to me had an American Hot pizza with extra chillies…not a drop of sweat came off him. Very odd.”

And another: “This branch treats you like Royalty with its fine service. Why eat like a Tramp(s) when you can dine like a Prince instead.” 

If you are asking yourself, “Why are people leaving these reviews?”, you need to keep up with the news.

And finally, let’s get into the silly Xmas season: The Independent carries a story that the town of Marmot in Hampshire has foregone the traditional Christmas tree in favour of a 16ft neon … marmot. The marmot, complete with earmuffs and skis has been nicknamed Marmite the Marmot, because you will either love it or hate it.

A spokesperson, Clerk Leah Coney, said “We used to have a traditional tree … but some people would say it was boring so we thought we’d do something quirky, the design was chosen “to bring a smile to people’s faces, particularly children”, and added that it had already received more than 25,000 views on Facebook.

Someone needs to tell them that views on Facebook aren’t always a positive sign.