A headline in the Daily Star illustrates the story that TV chef Rick Stein is selling a lockdown breakfast for the princely sum of £42.95. The catch is – even at that price – you have to cook it yourself. If you are daft enough to order it, you get a food box containing four sausages, six eggs, bread, bacon, “hog” pudding, jam, coffee and butter – at a cost of £35. The postage and packaging at £7.95, makes up the rest of the cost.  

Out of curiosity I visited his website, and lo and behold I found that there is a “luxury” breakfast too, at a paltry £72.50!  An interesting note appears at the end… ” … thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.”  No, I am sorry, I do not understand.  These are indeed challenging times, especially when people are having to go to foodbanks to feed their families, IMHO this is a real “let them eat cake” slap. 

The headline writer played with the word “expensive”, replacing the “ex” with “eggs”.