It seems some American parents love all things British, and they are choosing British place names for their baby’s name.

An unamed Reddit user went on a rant about someone calling their child Lecesta,  after her parents met at a party in Leicester, but they pronounce the name as Lie – Sess – Tur (It’s actually Less – Tuh.)

The furious post added: “Can we stop naming children after British places? AND THEN SPELLING THEM INCORRECTLY.”

Bradford, Aberdeen, Brighton, Bolton, and Carlisle were among names chosen for newborns in the US last year — with Lincoln being the most popular baby name.


Maybe we need to be kinder about this trend, after all, from charming villages to bustling cities, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Actor Tom Hanks has a son named Chester and Stoke-born Guns N’ Roses star Slash a boy called London. Let’s face it, we have Paris Hilton, why not Bognor Smith?

For girls, Americans could consider names like Ainsley, a village in Warwickshire, or Bristol, a city in southwestern England known for its maritime history and street art. For boys, they could choose Brighton, a seaside town on the south coast, or Chester, a historic city in the north that was founded by the Romans. 

As long as the name is easy to pronounce and spell, and isn’t embarrassing, go for it America.