Seek a word – Eating

Test your English “Eating” vocabulary.Try to find the words in the box of scrambled letters at the bottom of the word search puzzle.


Gutted Originally uploaded by Lynne Hand If someone says they are “gutted” it means they are really disappointed about something. This building has been gutted, as in the interior of the building has been destroyed.

LEN – Winter vocabulary – skiing

LEN – Winter vocabulary – skiing Originally uploaded by Lynne Hand What better way to learn some of the vocabulary we use about winter, than by experiencing winter – albeit virtually?

New Scrabble Words

The latest version of the Collins Official Scrabble Words reference guide, has around 3,000 new words in it. The problem is these words include lots of slang words like; thang (slang for thing), innit (slang for isn’t it), grrrl (slang for girl), along with popular words like, myspace and wiki. , and even Indian cookery […]

A snippet

I was wandering around Second Life on Thursday, when I came across a really nice guy from Peru (well he said he was from Peru).  There was music playing in the background, and it was his friend on the guitar – nice.  I asked him if he played and he admitted he only played bits […]