Spanish Grammar Gets a Make-Over

The Royal Language Academy of Spain has launched a new grammar book. It’s taken them 11 years and is contained in two volumes of around 4,000 pages, with another volume coming out in a few months. Spanish is currently spoken by around 500 million people in over 20 countries.

Learn English Grammar – with a Rhyme

A noun’s a person place or thing,Or sometimes even times, like spring.A verb tells what the subject does,Like “jumps” or “fishes,” “is” or “was.”An adjective describes a noun,Like “happy”, “ugly,” “rich” or “brown.”An adverb tells you how or when,Like “quietly”, or “well” or “when.”A pronoun takes the noun’s own place,Like “they” for “children,” “she” for […]


I like getting feedback from the site. Most of the time it’s good humoured and sometimes people even take the time to point out a mistake I’ve made. But sometimes you have to wonder why you bother. For example, I got this charming message the other day:- “You’re wrong about “I’m good” being “MTV English”. […]