Best of the web – Recommended Blog – Drawing Board

This month’s blog is called Drawing Board.  It’s a series of comics that are witty and amusing.  In the words of the author, it’s called “Drawing Board” because of the saying “back to the drawing board”, which means to go back or start a project or idea from the beginning. More blogs

Blog of the Month – April

This month’s blog is called Controversies in ELT.  Now I don’t know about you, but I love a good controversy, and whether you are an ESL learner, or teacher, you should know what’s being discussed out there. Here’s a quote from the blog:- “In my view, language teachers should constantly question the assumptions on which […]

Blog of the Month – March

ThxThxThx is a series of thank you notes.   If you don’t know what a thank you note is, shame on you.  The author, Leah Dieterich, was always told by her to write thank you notes. So she does. !Note – If you hadn’t worked it out, ‘thx’ is short for ‘thanks’. Thx to Hekner

Blog of the Month – February

To My Wife is a series of short notes, presumably written by a man, to someone’s future wife.  Perfect for the month of Valentine’s day, they are almost like marriage vows, a series of simple promises and requests, and it’s both funny and touching.  Well worth a read. Thanks to Hekner

Blog of the Month – January

Notting Hill Girl is a sort of “pavement catwalk” blog.  It’s written by an Australian who lives in Notting Hill, London.  She seems to be strangely obsessed with bags, boots, and accessorizing, but if you like fashion, you’ll like the blog, and even if you’re not into fashion, it’s well-written with lots of photos.