News Round Up 2

HP sauce is probably the best known brand of brown sauce in the UK. Indeed I read recently that at one stage it cornered over 70% of the retail brown sauce market.  It is used as a condiment with hot or cold savoury food and when I was growing up, it was always splattered liberally over Irish stew.  So if you pop into most British kitchens you will find a bottle somewhere, but one man has found a new – and criminal- use for the sauce.

Football Diary 45

OH dear! It was all going so well with the country and more importantly the national media behaving responsibly and not getting carried away with England’s progress in Euro 2012.


But now that the Three Lions have won their group to clinch a quarter-final tie against Italy, everybody seems to think that this England team is better than it really is.

Football Diary 40


Football Diary


by Patrick O’Connor




THE Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich must thinking that football is a puzzling sport.


Since taking over the Stamford Bridge club nine years ago, the Russian has coughed up million and millions of pounds and has casually sacked a host of high-profile managers for failing to come up with the present he wants the most – a Champions League trophy.

Football Diary 38

YOU would think that any newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch would be treading very carefully at the moment.

The Australian’s media empire is under extreme scrutiny following the phone hacking scandal in the UK and Murdoch himself is seen as having had far too much influence with British politicians over  the past few years.

English In Use – ‘When Gary Met Sally’

A selection of headlines from stories in the news. They use English in a way that you might think is intended to confuse but it’s all perfectly clear to the native speaker.