On This Day

25th February 1964 – Boxer Cassius Clay was crowned heavyweight champion of the world. 1972 – The miners strike was called off. 1982 – The European Court of Human Rights ruled that beating schoolchildren against their parents’ wishes was a violation of the Human Rights Convention. Luckily my mum was against corporal punishment.

Interesting Words – Swear Words

According to research presented at the Sociolinguistics Symposium, children start swearing at a much earlier age than they did a few decades ago. (Seemingly in the UK kids start swearing at the age of 4! In the 1980s most children didn’t start to swear until they were 13.  (I don’t think I swore until I […]

Interesting Fact – Education

Hundreds of parents in the UK are expected to keep their children out of school today in protest over too stressful tests. (The first ever “kids’ strike” in the UK is in protest at what parents claim is “over-testing” at the expense of children’s happiness.  Key Stage 1 testing (SATS) for six and seven-year-olds, have […]

Interesting Date – National Offer Day

National Offer Day (around the beginning of March) is when parents across England are told by their Local Authority whether their children will be offered a place in their first choice secondary school. (It is a fraught time for parents with children who are in their final year of primary school. In 2015 84.2% of […]

Interesting Fact – Technology

According to research carried out by Childwise, youngsters in the UK are spending more time online than watching TV. (However, before you think, “Great! The children will be fitter and more active”, the most popular online service was Netflix. So, unfortunately it doesn’t mean kids are getting a life, they are just watching the same […]