Interesting Food – Cake

According to the Professor Nigel Hunt at the Royal College of Surgeons, “cake culture” in the UK workplace is fuelling the obesity epidemic and contributing to poor dental health. (As a healthy alternative they are suggesting that workers should bring fruit platters into the office instead of doughnuts, cookies and biscuits. He said, “Cake culture […]

Interesting People – Dr Henry Heimlich

Dr Henry Heimlich, the surgeon who gave his name to the simple but dramatic procedure used to rescue people from choking, managed to save someone’s life using the technique himself for the first time since he invented it in 1974. (His technique, called the Heimlich manoeuvre, is used for dislodging food or objects caught in […]

Interesting Fact – Food

A thing of the past? According to a survey conducted by Linda McCartney Foods, 12% of Brits are vegetarian. (Each generation sees more people eschewing meat, 25 years ago only 6% of the popluation were vegetarian. The younger generation is more likely to turn to tofu, in the 18 to 30 age group 20% are […]

Interesting Fact – Food

This one could have been labelled under “time” too.  Seemingly the old “5 second rule” is a myth. (For those of you who don’t know what it is, the 5 second rule says that if you drop some food on the floor, as long it hasn’t beenthere for longer than 5 seconds, it’s okay to […]