Interesting Word – Gender

One of Britain’s biggest banks, HSBC, is going to offer its customers an extra 10 gender neutral options for people who do not wish to be identified by gender. (Usually you get the choice of  “Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms”, but they have now added the following titles: Mx (pronounced “mix” or “mux”) Ind (an abbreviation of individual) […]

Interesting Fact – Drugs

An advert for Nurofen painkillers, has been banned in the UK for falsely claiming it targets specific types of pain. (The Advertising Standards Authority received complaints about TV adverts that suggested that Nurofen could target back pain. In one ad which showed a woman experiencing back pain, a voiceover said: “Just a single dose of […]

Interesting Fact – Sport

According to a story in the Daily Mail, primary school children in Dundee are having to sign a 17-clause contract before they can play football in the playground.(The 17 clauses are as follows:- I will not deliberate foul tackles I will not carry issues off the pitch to class or after school I will not […]

Interesting Words – Welsh

Online review site Trip Advisor has banned all reviews written in Welsh. (Trip Advisor is arguably the world’s largest travel website, and supports languages from all around the world, but they have banned all submissions in Welsh.  Allegedly, the ancient Celtic language, one of the oldest European languages with over half a million speakers in […]