Mistranslated text, misspellings and bad grammar

All three of the above can be found in the murky world of the tattoo parlour. A professional translation service recently launched a “Think Before You Ink” campaign to cut down the number of terrible tattoo travesties. One man wanted to show the world how “awesome” but he ended up “awsome” instead. A young lad […]

Lost in translation

(Quoted from Far Eastern Economic Review September 4, 1981.) Room Service: Morny, rune sore-bees.Hotel Guest: Oh sorry, I thought I dialled room service.RS: Rye, rune sore-bees. Morny. Jewish to odor sunteen?HG: I’d like some bacon and eggs.RS: Ow July then?HG: What?RS: Aches. Ow July then? Pry, boy, pooch … .?HG: Oh, the eggs! How do […]

Language Teachers Will Be Redundant!

Google is developing a mobile phone that can act as an interpreter.  Google says its device will speech to speech translation almost instantly.  The good news for me is that language experts believe the prospect of such technology supplanting the ability to speak a foreign tongue is a distant one. David Crystal, honorary professor of […]