29th March 2017 – The UK is going to trigger Article 50 to begin negotiations to leave the European Union. 2017 – Germany is switching off its current terrestrial TV signals to allow the broadcast of HD signals. 

Interesting Fact – Technology

According to research carried out by Childwise, youngsters in the UK are spending more time online than watching TV. (However, before you think, “Great! The children will be fitter and more active”, the most popular online service was Netflix. So, unfortunately it doesn’t mean kids are getting a life, they are just watching the same […]

Great / Terrible Excuses

The top 10 excuses given to TV Licensing by people who should have a TV licence:  “Since I had a bit of a fling with the postman I haven’t been receiving my mail so I didn’t get my TV licence reminder.”  “No-one watches TV apart from the parakeet. It calms him down and stops him […]