Recommended film – ‘Salmon Fishing In The Yemen’


Salmon Fishing In The Yemen + Film Review


by Patrick O’Connor




DON’T be fooled by the title, this delightful romcom is as British as they come.


It’s a sweet, gentle tale with a lovely low-key feel. It’s also that rarity, a romance that doesn’t need rampant sex scenes – indeed the two main characters share only one chaste kiss throughout the entire film.

Recommended film – Coriolanus

HOLDING pride of place on our lounge bookshelf are finely bound copies of the plays of William Shakespeare.

Now the works of the Bard have come in many shapes and sizes in modern times. Only recently I saw a splendid stage production of The Taming of the Shrew in which the setting resembled scenes straight out of The Godfather, warring Mafia families and the like.


Recommended Film – Hunky Dory

A teacher gathers together a group of troubled teens and encourages them to express themselves through a school musical.

No, this isn’t another episode of the American TV series Glee but Hunky Dory, a heart-warming and sweet independent British film set in the Welsh city of Swansea in the scorching hot summer of 1976.

Groundhog Day – Student Film Review

This film has been recommended by Fahrudin.  Here is his review:-

Groundhog Day is an American comedy film directed by Harold Ramis.  It stars Bill Murray, a famous actor who has received many awards, and it is based on a story by Rubin.