More menu howlers

I had to take a photo of this one. I’m on a seefood diet –  I see food and I eat it. Cold rations sounds as if you are in the army, as do range eggs.  Lamb is a baby sheep. I will not eat the Supremes and I’m not keen on eating bits of […]

No Job Title?

I’m beginning to wonder if April has discovered the only job in the world without a job title. I was running a Back to Basics session in Second Life, and we were discussing vocabulary you need in a supermarket, when April asked me what you call the person who hands out food samples.  You know […]

Grammarholics Anonymous

I just read a post on Google plus.  It was one of those nothing much to say, self promoting posts (I would never do that kind of thing) that you often get.  So, why did I read it?  Well this caught my eye:- Why need facial? ??? The main body of the post went on:  […]

Gaming vs Reading

Author Lucy Prebble, says that that computer games are more creative than reading.  Her argument is that gaming offers more opportunities to be active and sociable than books and film. However, as a young child she did become addicted to computer games after discovering a text-based DOS game called Zork, so maybe she’s just working […]