9th May National Teacher Appreciation Day I’d like to thank Mrs Hunt, who was one of the few teachers who tried to inspire her pupils to bigger and better things.

On This Day

13th March The Dunblane school massacre took place. It is still one of the deadliest firearms incidents in UK history, when a gunman killed sixteen children and a teacher at Dunblane Primary School near Stirling, Scotland on 13 March 1996, before killing himself. With the consent of Bob Dylan, the musician Ted Christopher wrote a […]

Interesting Fact – Work

According to the TUC (Trades Union Congress) 5.3 million people in the UK work an average of 7.7 hours of overtime a week. (Chief executives topped a list of those doing the most unpaid overtime, at an average of 13.2 hours a week, followed by teaching staff (12.1 hours), finance managers (11.3 hours) and managers […]

Interesting People – Gillian Scott

Maybe the title of this should be boring people, as Ms Scott, an English teacher, has been struck off the teaching register in Scotland for two years after pupils and parents complained about her “boring” lessons. (She has been removed following a seven-day hearing in Edinburgh where it was reported that she had spent three […]

Bunking off

I love this one too:- A mother repeatedly called upstairs for her son to get up, get dressed and get ready for school. It was a familiar routine, especially at exam time. “I feel sick,” said the voice from the bedroom. “You are not sick. Get up and get ready,” called the mother, walking up […]