According to research from mobile network O2, smartphones are hardly ever used to make a phone call.

(Most people use their smartphone for surfing the web, checking social networks or playing games.

The research found that the average smartphone owner spends more than two hours each day using the device. Here’s a breakdown of what they use it for.

  • Browsing the internet – 25 minutes 
  • Social networking – 17 minutes
  • Playing games – 13 minutes 
  • Listening to music – 16 minutes
  • Making phone calls – 11 minutes
  • Text messaging – 10 minutes
  • Taking photographs – 3 minutes

Even though people only spend three minutes a day taking photographs, photography was the most popular thing to use a smartphone for, 74 per cent said that they had taken photos with their handset.

For me all the above is true apart from playing games and texting. I have never played a game on my Motorola Droid, and I send about 10 texts a year. In fact my smartphone gets about 30 minutes use a day, I prefer my laptop and a real camera, because even with 5mgp the camera on a smartphone is too limited.)