There are over four thousand interesting facts here, with new ones added every day, and you can use them in your lessons. Here are a few ideas:-

  • Read the facts out as dictation, or get your students to read out the facts as dictation to the rest of the class.
  • Get your students to form questions based on the facts.
  • Choose 10 different facts and write 10 different questions, then get your students to match the question to the fact.
  • Give your students 10 different questions and get them to search the blog for the answers they don’t know.
  • Make up some ‘fake facts’, and then read them out with some of the facts from the blog and get the students to decide which facts are true, and which are made up.
  • Use the facts for the start of a stimulating discussion.
  • Give your students a fact each and ask them to research it and write a short essay. 

If you have any more ideas, or want to share some facts, simply leave a comment here. (Comments are moderated to prevent spamming.)

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