NEDs, the title of the film is an acronym, which might surprise you; it stands for Non Educated Delinquents.  Surprisingly in a country with free education we need an acronym to describe the people who fall through the gaps.  The film is set in seventies Glasgow (so good luck with the accents oh and the language is pretty intense too, I thought long and hard before recommending it, but I recommended Trainspotting a couple of years ago so…  That said you might want to rent it out on DVD and switch subtitles “On”).  It follows the story of John a bright student who like many bright young men wants to fit in, and you can’t fit in if you’re a swot.  It doesn’t take him long to start following in the same footsteps of his older brother, a gang leader who revels in being considered “a hard man”.   It’s gritty and realistic, and even though it’s set in 70s Glasgow, it still reflects parts of society today.  There are moments of real humour (I recognise the teachers only too well), but be warned the violence is very realistic, it’s how it is.